Tips for Enjoying Summer Weather in Gatlinburg

Published Jul 28, 2020

Summer weather in Gatlinburg is peak perfection for outdoor activities—warm, bright, refreshed with rain, with cooler evenings for exploring Gatlinburg or relaxing on your cabin’s deck.

Whether your plans include escaping into the forests, exploring local shops, or playing at amusement parks, you’ll have more fun if you know what weather to expect.


Gatlinburg’s average daily temperatures in June, July and August can range from lows in the 60s to highs in the toasty 80s—depending on where you are in our cooling forests.

Summer mornings tend to be bright and muggy. Regular afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms clear the air, keep the Smoky Mountains green, and fill the famous waterfalls and streams.

You’ll have plenty of daylight for hiking, rafting, go-karting or any of the countless outdoor activities here. In July and August, even with summer’s frequent rains, there are around 14 hours of sun each day, on average. Backup plans for rainy afternoons are always a good idea, though.

The mountains create distinctive variations. Summer temperatures at higher elevations can be dramatically (and refreshingly) cooler. An example: The average August day in Gatlinburg ranges from an overnight low of around 60 degrees to a daytime high of 87. But on top of Clingmans Dome, the highest peak in the national park, that same average day’s low is 52 and its high is only 64, a remarkable 23 degrees cooler than in town.


Remember these weather-wise tips:

· Check the forecast daily and again during the day if you’ll be outside. Conditions can change quickly.

· The National Park Service can connect you with detailed forecasts and local conditions—click here.

· Expect rain and thunderstorms.

· Planning to camp, hike, fish or just picnic? Check conditions at your destination, not only for that day but also for the previous days. You need to know if campgrounds are muddy or streams are swollen. Stay safe by knowing what you’ll encounter.

· Carry the right gear. Water and sunscreen are musts. Carry a rain jacket: Umbrellas are fine for shopping or dining in Gatlinburg, but on forest trails they can get in the way. Tuck a light jacket in your bag for higher elevations or cool evenings. Wear or carry appropriate shoes to keep feet dry, too.

After your days of exploring, come home to a cozy Gatlinburg cabin. You can look out your windows and enjoy any weather from your private vacation rental.

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