Pigeon Forge Shopping

Shopping in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Discover shopping paradise in Pigeon Forge! Explore a diverse array of boutiques and specialty stores nestled in the Smoky Mountains, offering unique treasures for every shopper. Immerse yourself in Southern hospitality and elevate your retail therapy game in Pigeon Forge today!

Image for Thing To Do The Christmas Place
The Christmas Place

Experience an unforgettable Christmas experience and immerse yourself in the festive spirit all year round! Discover the largest Christmas store south of the North Pole - unique ornaments, decorations, gifts and more await your discovery.

Image for Thing To Do Stages West
Stages West

Looking for a western wear experience unlike any other? Visit Stages West in Pigeon Forge, TN., and discover a huge selection of high-quality cowboy boots, hats, and more. Come as a city slicker and leave as a cowboy at heart!

Image for Thing To Do Three Bear's General Store
Three Bear's General Store

Explore all of the unique and memorable shopping experiences that Three Bear’s General Store in Pigeon Forge has to offer. This iconic store seamlessly blends traditional mercantile with modern charm, so come take a journey through rustic country delight.

Image for Thing To Do Ogle Brothers General Store
Ogle Brothers General Store

Uncover the rich history and timeless traditions of Ogle Brothers General Store, a family-run business that has been in operation since 1925. Learn more about their commitment to excellence and passion for preserving age-old craftsmanship.

Image for Thing To Do Pigeon River Pottery
Pigeon River Pottery

Discover the legacy of Pigeon River Pottery - renowned craftsmen dedicated to creating exquisite and unparalleled ceramic pieces for more than five decades. Shop unique plates, bowls, salt and pepper shakers, and other captivating serving elements today!

Image for Thing To Do Moonshine Ridge Country Store
Moonshine Ridge Country Store

Discover the tasteful simplicity and rustic charm of Moonshine Ridge Country Store, offering an array of exquisite home decor pieces and everyday essentials in the heart of Pigeon Forge.

Image for Thing To Do Whaley's Country Store
Whaley's Country Store

Step into a charming, small-town haven and experience the essence of Southern hospitality at Whaley's Country Store in Pigeon Forge. From local treasures to rustic decor and delectable treats, this store captures everything you love about the South!

Image for Thing To Do MoonPie General Store
MoonPie General Store

Visit Pigeon Forge and be transported into a world of nostalgia, sweetness, learning, and enchantment with a truly immersive shopping experience at the MoonPie General Store and The Original Book Warehouse.

Image for Thing To Do Emory's 5 & 10
Emory's 5 & 10

Look no further for one-of-a-kind souvenirs! Discover a huge selection of distinctive, remarkable, and premium products at the recently opened Emery’s 5 & 10 outlet in Pigeon Forge. From delectable American-made foods to unique toys, and over 180 various sodas and root beers – come experience their commitment to exceptional quality and variety.