Smith & Son Corner Kitchen

No town knows fine Southern dining quite like Gatlinburg, and we’re excited to see that a new restaurant opened up just this May The town already boasts such classic eateries as Chesapeake’s Seafood and Tennessee Jed’s. Now joining the already stellar lineup of wholesome country atmosphere and food is Smith and Son Corner Kitchen.

Full-Course Dinner and Quick Bites

There’s something here for everyone. A true Southern meal has a little something for even the pickiest eaters and every meal comes with all the trimmings. You won’t go home hungry after dinner at Smith and Son.

But don’t worry about being left behind if you’re just in the mood for a light snack. Between the colossal onion rings, the fried okra and more flavors of chicken wing than you can shake a stick at, there’s plenty to munch on during that quick pit stop between summer activities.

Good Food in the Center of Town

Tourism is the heart of Gatlinburg, and Smith and Son knows you’re going to be bustling back and forth visiting as many classic Tennessee sites as you can. That’s why this new restaurant is located right in the center of Gatlinburg’s busiest area. While Tennessee boasts a lot of “hole in the wall” secret delights, this is one Gatlinburg staple you won’t have to search for.

Signature Drinks

Nothing makes a restaurant stand out more than its drink menu. When a bar only serves standard drinks, that’s when you know you’re somewhere that’s lacking personality. Luckily Smith and Son have written up their own cocktail menu, Southern style.

Which one do you want to try first? The Hillbilly Hurricane? The Miss Kennedy? Or one of the dozen other signature drinks you won’t find anywhere else?

A Family of Restaurants

Smith and Son may be the newest restaurant in town, but its owners aren’t new to the food service game. Smith and Son Corner Kitchen is part of the KBS family of restaurants which includes none other than Gatlinburg’s other favorite watering hole, Crockett’s Breakfast Camp.

Only time will tell, but if Smith and Son amass half the loyal customer base that the delicious Crockett’s has managed, it will be a sure-fire success!

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