10 Fun Family Activities to Do in a Smoky Mountain Cabin This Spring

Published Mar 29, 2024

Cabin life is slower and simpler, just right for games, crafts, food and family fun. Stay at a Smoky Mountain cabin rental this spring, and make memories with these easy activities.

Break out the board games

1. Break out the board games.

Your Smokies cabin is the ideal place to unplug from phones and play games instead! Go for Monopoly, Clue, or Scrabble. Feeling adventurous? Try Star Wars: Outer Rim, or the hot new horror-themed game, Betrayal at House On the Hill.

Enjoy cooking in your cabin’s kitchen

2. Enjoy cooking in your cabin’s kitchen.

Back home, the daily grind makes it tough to cook just for fun. Why not spend leisurely time in your cabin kitchen, showing the kids how to make spaghetti sauce, or baking brownies together? 

Play in a well-appointed game room

3. Play in a well-appointed game room. 

Gather in the cabin’s game room for friendly competition. Shoot pool, play foosball or air hockey, or try tabletop shuffleboard. Don’t know the rules? Find the basics online, then jump in!  

Make simple crafts

4. Make simple crafts. 

Try sun prints. All ages can make this mess-free craft. You only need construction paper, leaves (or flowers), and sunlight. 

Do some stargazing

5. Do some stargazing. 

Above the mountains’ nighttime silhouettes, you’ll see constellations sparkling in the sky. 

Go fishing

6. Go fishing. 

Stay in a creekside or riverfront cabin. Take your poles to the water, kick back, and relax––until you feel that tug on the line!

Watch Tennessee’s beautiful birds

7. Watch Tennessee’s beautiful birds.

Birdwatching is as simple as looking out your cabin windows. Start a family birding journal, keeping track of your new, feathered friends. 

Play games around a campfire

8. Play games around a campfire. 

Gather around the cabin’s outdoor fire pit to play old-fashioned games in the fresh mountain air.

Take s’mores to the next level

9. Take s’mores to the next level.

While the fire pit’s blazing, make yummy s’mores. But don’t stop there. Try s’mores on ginger snaps. Slather on peanut butter, Nutella, or caramel. Who can invent the most decadent variation?

Explore your Smoky Mountain cabin

10. Explore your Smoky Mountain cabin.

Take advantage of your cabin’s amenities. Lounge in the hot tub. Some cabins feature private swimming pools right inside the cabin! Other cabins have movie theater rooms for family movie nights. 

Reserve a Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge cabin today, and make memories to last a lifetime.

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