Fannie Farkle's

Fannie Farkle's

Exciting games, great prizes, and famous foods await you at Fannie Farkle’s in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg!

Follow the mouth-watering scent of grilling onions and peppers. Listen for the ping of pinball and Pac-Man’s unmistakable theme song. Look for delighted kids clutching prizes in one hand and a foot-long corn dog in the other. You’ve found Fannie’s.

Games Galore

Love classic arcade games? Fannie Farkle’s has plenty, including ghost-chasing Pac Man, old-school Skee Ball, and thrilling racing games where you’re the driver. Want to try the latest new games? Defend the planet from evil robots when you play Robot Storm, Show the crane claw you’re the boss as you play Ticket Time to win prize tickets. Demonstrate your skill at Sink It as you bounce balls into targets. There are loads more games to conquer at Fannie’s.

Game play is easy! No need to keep up with quarters or paper tickets. Buy a game card you can use to play games, buy food and drink, and turn redeem prizes--all with one card.

The prizes will amaze you with everything from loveable stuffed animals to bicycles, PlayStation systems, and collectible Disney figurines. Prize points never expire. You can keep adding to your points the next day, the next year, or beyond at Fannie Farkle’s.

Delicious Snacks

Vacations are all about trying unique foods you can’t taste back home! Try Fannie’s Ogle Dogs--delicious foot-long corn dogs prepared with a secret recipe, exclusively for Fannie Farkle’s. And why “Ogle” Dog? The Ogles were a Gatlinburg founding family, so this signature dog honors them and delights your taste buds at the same time. You’ll also love the juicy cheesesteak sandwiches and sausage subs with those fragrant peppers and onions.

Finish off your Fannie’s food with lemonade, Tennessee sweet iced tea, or any of their dozen flavors of colorful shaved ice.

Family Fun

Fannie Farkle’s has delighted kids and adults for 40 years with arcade fun fueled by hot, tasty food. Families come to share memories of past visits and make new memories with each trip. This Gatlinburg landmark draws repeat visitors eager to show their kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids all the excitement. Fannie Farkle’s sits on the town’s busy and entertaining Parkway. You can stop in again and again during your visit, and you’re always just a short walk from downtown attractions.


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