Sugarlands Distilling Company

Explore the rich world of craft spirits at Sugarlands Distilling Company, located in the heart of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Known for its dedication to handcrafted, small-batch spirits, Sugarlands offers a unique and immersive distillery experience. Here's what makes Sugarlands Distilling Company a must-visit destination:

Craft Distilling Experience

Immerse yourself in the art of craft distillation with a visit to Sugarlands. Witness the meticulous process of creating premium spirits, from fermentation to bottling, guided by expert distillers passionate about their craft.

Award-Winning Moonshine

Indulge in a tasting of Sugarlands' award-winning moonshines, ranging from classic corn whiskey to innovative flavored infusions. Each sip tells a story of tradition, quality, and the spirit of the Smoky Mountains.

Distillery Tours

Enhance your visit with a guided tour of the distillery. Learn about the history of moonshining in the region, discover the unique production methods, and gain insights into the flavors that make Sugarlands' products stand out.

Mountain-Flavored Offerings

The distillery's product line includes a variety of moonshines, whiskies, and liqueurs, capturing the essence of the Great Smoky Mountains. Whether you prefer a classic sip or an adventurous flavor, there's something for every palate.

Distillery Store

Extend your experience by exploring the distillery store, where you can purchase your favorite spirits and unique merchandise, allowing you to take a piece of Sugarlands home with you.

Live Music and Events

Sugarlands Distilling Company often hosts live music events and special gatherings, creating a vibrant atmosphere where visitors can enjoy their spirits alongside the sounds of local talent.

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