4 Reasons to Book Direct with Colonial Properties

Published Jan 18, 2021

If you’re tempted to book your Smoky Mountains cabin through an online travel agent, think again. Here are four reasons why you should come directly to us to reserve one of our beautiful cabins.

1. Best Prices

Booking through an online travel site costs you extra. These sites tack on “service fees” equaling 3 percent to 15 percent of your stay’s cost. Avoid their fees by booking directly with us. We also promise: No surprises. Before you make that last click to reserve, you’ll see your itemized bill with every detail, from cleaning fee to taxes. Finally, online travel sites can’t offer you the special discounts you’ll get only when you book directly with Colonial Properties.

2. Best Selection

When you book with us, you can view every cabin we manage. Online travel agents list only some properties for some owners, so you don’t see all the options in the area where you want to vacation. Don’t limit yourself. Book direct with us for the most choices. After all, we manage nearly 200 cabins and are proud to show them off with up-to-date, accurate photos and videos.

3. Great Communication

To use an online travel site, you have to find one first. That means clicking around search engines, hoping you turn up a reliable site. Why not come right to the cabin experts? You can search our cabins’ terrific amenities to find exactly what you want. Looking for a hot tub, fire pit, or pool? Need to find cabins where your dog is welcome? Want to stay close to a river? You can search for all those details and many more.

Got a special request? Booking direct means we handle your needs personally. Whether a guest needs special accommodations, or you want details on a cabin’s interior, or anything else, just ask. We’ll help. Can a “bot” with canned answers do that?

4. Local Knowledge

When you book with us, you’re talking with folks who live right here in the Smokies. We created a free Vacation Guide just for our guests. We’ll e-mail it to you so you can start planning your fun. If you’ve still got questions, just ask! As locals, we know the details that make the difference between an OK vacation and a great one. We can tell you where to find the grocery store closest to your cabin. Which restaurants are the most kid-friendly—or the most romantic. How to book an in-cabin massage. When to enjoy Dollywood without crowds.

Book directly with Colonial Properties Cabin and Resort Rentals today. You’ll save money while getting the best service and selection! 

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