6 Places to See a Sunset in the Smoky Mountains

Published May 28, 2020

For all you sunset hunters out there, Tennessee is the place to be. The colorful Smoky Mountains and unique locations give the sun many places to truly set in style. While we could honestly say that anywhere in Tennessee will net you a sunset unlike those from any other state, here are six of the most gorgeous vantage points.

1. Newfound Gap Parking Area

Sometimes to see a great sunset you need to go down really low. Newfound Gap is the lowest point you’ll be able to reach in the Smoky Mountains. This gives the area a unique look as the sun filters down through the hills and trees. Time your drive through here just right and you’ll see a truly beautiful sunset.

2. Cliff Top at Mt. Leconte

You can also get a great view of a Smoky Mountain sunset by climbing as high as you can. Mt. LeConte is a refreshing hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and once you’ve reached the summit, you’ll be in for a treat. Mt. Leconte is named after one of the members of the influential Le Conte family (people will fight you over which one it was). What better way to celebrate Tennessee’s colorful history than to soak in a sunset from this beautiful vantage point?

3. Clingman's Dome

If this list seems populated exclusively by natural outdoor vantage points, that’s intentional. There’s no better way to get a good look at the vibrant Tennessee sunset than by watching the sunlight filter through the spruce-fir forests of the great Smoky Mountains. Clingman’s Dome gives an amazing 360 degree vantage point to those willing to climb to the top.

4. Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

Roaring Fork Trail takes you through the old wood forest, past historic buildings and right up next to streams and waterfalls. If Clingman’s Dome lets you watch the sunlight filter through the trees, then the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail gives you the chance to see the setting sun reflect off the gleaming waterways that weave through the Smokies.

5. Morton Overlook

As the name would imply, Morton Overlook is renowned for its view. This postcard-worthy picture opportunity lets you look down on the sunset as it sinks into the mountains. Morton Overlook’s unique selling point is its colorful display. If you want to see a sunset light up like a kaleidoscope, this is the place.

6. Your Smoky Mountain Cabin

Want to experience a Smoky Mountain sunset without having to travel back home in the dark? If you’re staying in one of our premier Smoky Mountain cabins, you’ll have a stellar Tennessee sunset right at your doorstep every night. Curl up with a warm drink and wind down from an exciting day by watching the sun fall gracefully off your deck.

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