Campfire Stories and S'mores: Creating Magical Moments for Kids in Tennessee Cabins

Published Dec 8, 2023

Make wonderful memories in your Tennessee cabin rental. You don’t even have to leave the cabin to give kids an idyllic escape from everyday life. Try these ideas and links for delightful diversions for kids of all ages. 

Gather Around the Campfire

An outdoor fire pit transforms your cabin into Camp Smoky Mountains! Stock chocolate bars, marshmallows and graham crackers for s’mores but don’t stop there. How about roasting hot dogs over the flames? At night, sit around the fire pit and spot constellations overhead. If you dare, end the evenings with ghost stories–here are four of the best Smokies ghost tales.

Make Nature-Themed Crafts

Natural beauty surrounds Smokies cabins. Why not encourage the kids to turn nature into art? Try these easy kids’ crafts made from items they’ll find on the ground, plus a few additions like glue, yarn or paper.

Bake and Cook

Make sweet memories together in your cabin’s fully equipped kitchen. Experiment with kid-friendly recipes like powdered sugar donut muffinshomemade cheese crackers (think: freshly baked Cheez-Its!), or easy soft pretzels. Let older kids and teens take over making breakfast. For dinner, kids can run a taco bar with all the toppings. Try those donut muffins for dessert!

Get Your Game On

Choose a cabin with a game room for hours of friendly competition for all ages. Game rooms might feature a pool table, foosball, air hockey, a dart board or giant Connect Four game, or fantastic, arcade-style video game consoles! Never played pool? Look up the rules, chalk the cues and see who’s a natural. Set up a family foosball tournament. Show the kids how you triumphed at Pac-Man back when you were their age. 

Play Outdoors

Bring balloons and blow them up. Who can keep one bouncing in the air the longest? Who can jump farthest with a balloon between their knees? Can you pass the balloon, person to person, without anyone using hands? Hint: Tuck it under your chin! Sail paper airplanes and see whose flies the farthest (see these unusual paper airplane patterns). Stay in a cabin near a river and the kids can explore, fish and watch for dragonflies. 

Build a blanket fort inside on a rainy day. Toss a Frisbee around on a sunny day. There’s so much for kids to do at a Tennessee cabin! Book your cabin vacation now.

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