Top Trends in Vacation Rental Amenities for 2023

Published May 16, 2023

As the vacation rental industry continues to grow, so do the expectations of travelers. In 2023, it's all about providing unique and luxurious amenities that make the stay more comfortable and enjoyable for guests. Here are some of the top trends in vacation rental amenities for 2023, as provided by professional property management company Colonial Properties.

1. Private Pools and Hot Tubs
One of the biggest trends in vacation rentals is the inclusion of private pools and hot tubs. Guests are looking for a private oasis where they can relax and unwind without worrying about crowds. Properties with a private pool or hot tub are in high demand, especially for family vacations.
2. Home Automation
Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular in vacation rentals. Guests want to control everything from the temperature to the lighting with the touch of a button. Home automation systems that allow guests to adjust the thermostat, lock and unlock doors, and control the lights with their smartphones are becoming a must-have for vacation rental properties.
3. Outdoor Living Spaces
As people spend more time outdoors, vacation rentals with spacious outdoor living areas are in high demand. Properties with large decks or patios, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits are especially popular. Guests want to relax and entertain outside while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
4. Wellness Amenities
More and more travelers are looking for wellness amenities to help them maintain their health and well-being while on vacation. Properties with fitness centers, yoga studios, and meditation rooms are becoming increasingly popular. Additionally, properties that offer healthy meal options and access to wellness experts like massage therapists or nutritionists are in high demand.
5. Sustainable Features
Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to travelers, and vacation rentals are no exception. Properties that are energy-efficient, use sustainable materials, and have eco-friendly features like solar panels or composting systems are becoming increasingly popular. Guests want to enjoy their vacation without harming the environment.
6. Game and Entertainment Rooms
Properties that offer game and entertainment rooms are becoming increasingly popular with families and groups. Game rooms with pool tables, foosball tables, and arcade games are especially popular. Additionally, properties with home theaters or large screen TVs for movie nights are also in high demand.
7. Pet-Friendly Amenities
As more people travel with their pets, vacation rentals that offer pet-friendly amenities are becoming increasingly popular. Properties that have fenced-in yards, pet beds, and bowls, and even offer pet-sitting services are in high demand. Guests want to bring their furry friends on vacation without sacrificing comfort and convenience.
The vacation rental industry is evolving rapidly, and so are guest expectations. Properties that offer unique and luxurious amenities will be in high demand in 2023. Private pools and hot tubs, home automation, outdoor living spaces, wellness amenities, sustainable features, game and entertainment rooms, and pet-friendly amenities are all becoming increasingly important to travelers. Property management companies like Colonial Properties are at the forefront of this trend, helping vacation rental owners stay ahead of the competition by offering the latest amenities and services.

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