Gatlinburg Distilleries

Distilleries in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Explore Gatlinburg Distilleries, a haven for exquisite spirits and exceptional craftsmanship. Dive into Tennessee whiskey-making, handcrafted bourbons, and specialty spirits amidst the rich history of the Smoky Mountains. Plan your visit and savor the true spirit of the South.

Image for Thing To Do Ole Smoky Whiskey Distillery
Ole Smoky Whiskey Distillery

Explore the history of Tennessee whiskey-making at the Ole Smoky Whiskey Distillery. Learn about traditional methods and innovative techniques that are used to create some of the finest spirits in the Smoky Mountains.

Image for Thing To Do Sugarlands Distilling
Sugarlands Distilling

Enjoy the world of craft spirits and explore the art and science of distilling at Sugarlands Distillery in Gatlinburg. From whiskey tours to moonshine tastings, this one-of-a-kind experience is perfect for anyone looking for an extraordinary and memorable adventure!

Image for Thing To Do Tennessee Shine Company
Tennessee Shine Company

Head to Gatlinburg and experience the unique flavors of Tennessee Shine Co. Savor cream moonshines inspired by classic Moon Pie treats, whiskey flights, barrel tastings, and more!

Image for Thing To Do Ole Smoky Moonshine
Ole Smoky Moonshine

Find out why millions of visitors flock to the famous Ole Smoky Moonshine distillery in Gatlinburg each year and what makes it an essential part of any trip to Tennessee. Learn how you can experience this unique piece of heritage for yourself!