Pancake Pantry

The Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg, Tennessee has been a local favorite for decades. Offering up delicious breakfast and lunch options, you won’t be disappointed with a meal at this charming establishment.


It was first built in 1960 by a husband and wife team of Jim and June Gerding, who moved to Gatlinburg with their young family to open the first pancake restaurant in the region. As you can imagine, a leap of faith required years of hard work and several struggles. But ultimately, their risk paid off and the Gerdings were able to purchase the land and building that would soon be home to their pancake restaurant. The Pancake Pantry stands today with its signature appearance with slate roofing, large windows, and its white oak interior as it has since 1975 when it was built following Jim Gerding's vision.


If you’re coming to visit the Pancake Pantry, note that there’s no parking on site. There are several parking lots nearby that are accessible with a small hourly fee and the area is fairly walkable so you’ll be able to easily walk between the Pancake Pantry and wherever you park.


Once you arrive at the restaurant, you’ll be able to take a seat at a table and take in the charming and cozy interior. There are several different types of food on the menu, but you’ll likely want to try the dish the restaurant is named for. They offer twenty-four different types of pancakes such as Orange Walnut, which feature the nutty taste of walnuts paired with the fresh zest of orange citrus. The Wildberry Crepes are another option - this delicious treat includes three ricotta and cream cheese crepes topped with a fresh berry compote that's made from scratch in the Pancake Pantry’s kitchen. You can also order waffles, omelets, eggs, and sides such as their golden butter-fried hash brown potatoes. No matter what you choose to order, you’ll know you’re eating something fresh made with the finest ingredients.


If you stop by after 11:30 AM you can order from the delicious lunch menu as well. The menu includes gourmet sandwiches that are globally inspired. The Polynesian Delight is a unique example, featuring a blend of flavors from the Pacific Isles. The sandwich also has fresh and tangy ingredients such as crushed pineapple and Thousand Island dressing that balance out the ham, cheese, and turkey. You can also order burgers, fries, soups, and salads.


After you finish your meal at the Pancake Pantry, you can head to The Village, a quaint collection of 27 restaurants, shops, and boutiques. The shopping district has the charming ambiance of a European village and plenty of places to grab a souvenir or a locally made good to remember your trip to the area.


The Pancake Pantry is a local favorite and when you visit you’ll see why. The restaurant proudly serves freshly made food and you can enjoy all of the perks of a family-run establishment including friendly service. Whether you stop by for breakfast or lunch, you’ll love your time spent at this Gatlinburg institution.