7 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained Vacationing in a Cabin Rentals

Published Aug 25, 2020

The kids will love hanging out in your fun cabin when they keep busy with games, swimming, movies, and their own special space to themselves. Here are seven ideas for vacation hangouts:

1. Play Games

Your cabin vacation is the ideal chance to catch up on the board game craze. Bring family favorites with you, like Candy Land for the youngsters, Risk or Clue for tweens and teens, cards and Scrabble for everyone. Forgot to bring a game? There’s always charades.

2. Commect to Wi-Fi

Bring your tablets, laptops, Xboxes and PlayStations. Let the kids (and grown-ups) fire up the Wi-Fi fun. After an active day outdoors hiking in the national park, playing mini-golf, or ziplining, the kids have earned screen time. And you’ve earned down time, to make dinner, relax, or play some Mario Kart alongside your youngsters.

3. Go for a Swim

Nothing says “kid vacation” like a cooling pool for playing endless Marco Polo. Pick a cabin with pool access and you’ll get special admission to your cabin community’s pool. Or choose a cabin with its own private, indoor pool. When your pool is inside your vacation home, it’s open all day, every day. The kids will be in heaven.

4. Splash in the Hot Tub

Bubbling hot tubs are a treat for adults and kids alike. When the hot tub is perched on a deck with a view of the mountains, kids can watch nature while they enjoy the warm jets of water any time of day or night.

5. Use the Game Room

Cabin game rooms feature so many cool, classic things to try, like pool tables, foosball, air hockey, and arcade game consoles loaded with new and old games. They’re all yours for your whole stay. Don’t know the rules? That’s what the internet’s for!

6. Give them their Own Bedroom

Your Smoky Mountains kid cabin has space for everyone to spread out. Kids can have their own rooms, separate bathrooms, and their own TVs. When they sleep on log bunk beds, they can pretend they’re mountain pioneers.

7. Plan a Movie Night

Watch family films cuddled on a comfy living room couch, or upgrade to a cabin with a personal movie theater. The kids will love watching movies on a huge screen while sitting on supersized leather armchairs or on real movie theater seats. Make some popcorn and create new memories.

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