The Top 3 Moonshine Tasting Tours in Gatlinburg

Published May 9, 2020

Gatlinburg has three amazing moonshine tours to try. Each one is uniquely delicious, so be sure to hit them all if you’re a real moonshine fanatic, or if you’re just curious about the unique history of Tennessee.


Feel like some White Lightening? The spirits here don’t mess around. A little dose of Ole Smoky Moonshine is all you’ll need to jolt your cocktail well into a league of its own. There’s plenty of traditional whisky to choose from here, too, lest you think moonshine is all Ole Smoky’s good for.

Ole Smoky has a few different locations scattered throughout Tennessee, and one of their Gatlinburg distilleries, The Holler, is America’s most visited distillery. So if you’re looking for an authentic, barrel-aged American whisky experience, Ole Smoky is the place to be.

And don’t forget to pick up a jar of their famous Ole Smoky Pickles while you’re in town.


Sugarland’s Shine is about as authentic as moonshine gets. Straight out of a mason jar and available in flavors as ordinary as peach and as crazy as blueberry muffin, Sugarland Shine has a little bit of something for everyone

Sugarland crafts their moonshine in an artisanal stone burr mill using homegrown Tennessee white corn. Sugarland’s Shine is an all-Tennessee experience.


Tennessee Shine Co. is home to the one and only Moonshine Brandy! This unique blend is just one of the many flavor options they have here at Tennessee’s favorite distillery. And if you start to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice you have here, don’t worry! There are free taste testing options that offer you a sample of each unique flavor.

Tennessee is the home of moonshine, and even decades after prohibition was lifted, the allure of the elicit Southern distillery still holds strong. While moonshine is made to a professional-grade standard now, there’s still a lot of old timey fun to be had by going on a moonshine tasting tour. It’s like a little sip of Tennessee’s rebellious phase.

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