Chicken Guy!

Discover the ultimate destination for chicken enthusiasts at Chicken Guy! in Gatlinburg, TN. This fast-casual eatery, founded by celebrity chef Guy Fieri, offers a delectable menu centered around high-quality chicken dishes. Here's why Chicken Guy! is a must-visit spot for those craving flavorful and satisfying poultry options:

Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri's Vision

Experience the culinary expertise of renowned chef Guy Fieri, known for his passion for bold flavors and innovative dishes. Chicken Guy! brings his vision to Gatlinburg, delivering a menu that showcases the best in chicken cuisine.

Variety of Chicken Tenders

Indulge in a diverse selection of hand-pounded and breaded chicken tenders. Whether you prefer classic tenders, skewers, or sauced-up varieties, Chicken Guy! caters to all tastes, ensuring a finger-licking experience.

Signature Sauces

Elevate your chicken experience with Chicken Guy!'s signature sauces. Choose from a tempting array of flavors, ranging from classic to spicy and exotic. The sauces are crafted to complement the tenders and add an extra layer of deliciousness.

Flavor-Packed Sides

Complete your meal with a variety of flavor-packed sides, including loaded fries, mac 'n' cheese, and coleslaw. Chicken Guy! takes pride in offering the perfect accompaniments to enhance your dining pleasure.

Vibrant and Casual Atmosphere

Immerse yourself in a vibrant and casual atmosphere at Chicken Guy! The lively setting is perfect for families, friends, and chicken enthusiasts looking for a laid-back yet exciting dining experience.

Efficient Service

Enjoy quick and efficient service as Chicken Guy! ensures that your order is served promptly without compromising on the quality of the food. The staff is friendly, adding to the overall enjoyable dining experience.

Affordable and Family-Friendly

Chicken Guy! is committed to providing an affordable dining option for families and individuals alike. The menu offers a range of choices to suit various preferences, making it a go-to spot for chicken lovers of all ages.

Convenient Location

Situated in Gatlinburg, Chicken Guy! is conveniently located for both locals and visitors exploring the vibrant city. Whether you're enjoying a day of shopping or exploring nearby attractions, the restaurant is easily accessible.

Embark on a flavor-packed journey at Chicken Guy! in Gatlinburg, where passion for chicken, bold flavors, and a welcoming atmosphere come together for an unforgettable dining adventure.