Sevierville Restaurants

Explore Sevierville's diverse culinary scene! From Southern barbecue to gourmet delights, our restaurants offer a delightful array of options. Experience Appalachian hospitality and culinary excellence, making every bite a memorable part of your Smoky Mountain getaway.

Image for Thing To Do Graze Burgers
Graze Burgers

Step inside a burger haven combining gourmet creations and classic American comfort. Indulge in an unforgettable flavor experience at Graze Burgers in Sevierville!

Image for Thing To Do Aubrey's

Feel the warmth of Southern hospitality with every bite at Aubrey’s restaurant in Sevierville. Enjoy modern flair and traditional flavors for a truly unique dining experience.

Image for Thing To Do Iron Forge Brewing Company
Iron Forge Brewing Company

Come experience the best of craft beer and traditional American food while taking in stunning Smoky Mountains scenery at Iron Forge Brewing Company. With a variety of beers, cocktails, and wine options to choose from, this is the perfect spot for hanging out with friends and enjoying beautiful views.

Image for Thing To Do The Appalachian
The Appalachian

Indulge in upscale dining at The Appalachian, where Chef David Rule's experience and love for local ingredients come together to create smoky, flavorful dishes cooked over a wood fire. Come join us in Sevierville for an elegant yet warm dining experience like no other!

Image for Thing To Do Pinchy’s Lobster and Rawbar
Pinchy’s Lobster and Rawbar

Satisfy your seafood cravings with Pinchy's Lobster & Rawbar, where we bring fresh catches from New England and Alaska to the Smoky Mountains. Indulge in ocean-fresh lobster, oysters, shrimp, and more at our historic downtown location in Sevierville. Don't miss out on this delectable experience!

Image for Thing To Do Trotter’s Whole Hog BBQ
Trotter’s Whole Hog BBQ

Get a true taste of the South with authentic, wood-fired pork BBQ at Trotter's Whole Hog BBQ in Sevierville. Experience the rich, flavorful tradition that has been passed down for generations. Come indulge in some slow-cooked goodness during your Smokies vacation!

Image for Thing To Do Seasons 101
Seasons 101

Discover the unique and ever-changing dining experience at Seasons 101, where fresh, seasonal ingredients are king. Located in Sevierville's historic Central Hotel, you won't want to miss out on this upscale American cuisine with a twist!

Image for Thing To Do The Pines Downtown
The Pines Downtown

Experience the best of downtown Sevierville at The Pines. Play games, enjoy delicious pizza and craft cocktails in a former theater turned lively hotspot. Come join the fun!